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Founded in 1987, Custom Biogenic Systems designs and manufactures state of the art liquid nitrogen laboratory freezers as well as cryogenic racks including upright freezer racks, chest freezer racks, liquid nitrogen freezer racks.  We carry a full line of standard and custom canisters and cassettes for cryo bags, blood frames (cassette holders), freezer boxes including cardboard boxes, stainless steel boxes, plastic boxes and aluminum boxes with cardboard dividers.  By understanding the needs of the biotechnology industry, Custom Biogenic Systems provides superior cryogenic equipment and cryobiological laboratory supplies that support biomedical, scientific, life science and medical research laboratories, cell banks and tissue banks.  The CBS Isothermal Liquid Nitrogen Vapor Storage System was patented in 2000 and Custom Biogenic Systems continues to be an innovative leader in the design of cryogenic storage equipment.  Custom Biogenic Systems offers a full line of innovative cryopreservation products for cryogenic freezing and cryogenic long term storage and can manufacture any of your custom cryogenic needs including but not limited to custom freezer racks, custom blood frames and custom cryogenic cassettes for all your freezing needs.  Our line of Cryogenic Freezers include a variety of liquid nitrogen freezers along with our patented Isothermal Freezer, Controlled Rate Freezers and our new line of (Patent Pending) Eco-Friendly Cryogenic Freezers the Custom Biogenic Systems EV Series. Our CBS Liquid Nitrogen Storage Cryosystems offer a new level of performance. Maximum sample capacity coupled with low liquid consumption provides versatile, low cost storage for frozen samples at cryogenic temperatures.  Custom Biogenic Systems strives to provide custom cryogenic equipment and biological storage supplies from our cryogenic accessories, ln2 freezer racks, liquid nitrogen controllers and low level alarms, long term storage Cryogenic Freezers and any of your custom cryogenic needs your cryogenic laboratory or medical research facility may have.